Creating a Culture of Community to Serve Future Workforce Needs



Having a community that both recognizes the talent you bring to the company and makes you feel at home is something that companies should advocate for. 

The general focus of the webinar was on how the pandemic was detrimental to physical face-to-face communities and conferences. As a result, the need for an individual’s sense of belongingness birthed the creation of communities with their own independent workforce; advocating not to become just an employer of choice, but to be a client of choice as well. 

Emily Leach, Founder of The Freelance Conference, Maria Ogneva, Director of Online Customer Experience and Community at FinancialForce, Miles Everson, 宝博电竞积分排榜 Partners’ Chief Executive Officer, and Jake McKee, Founder of Community5 had an in-depth discussion about the trends in establishing a culture for the independent workforce. 

This May 2021 panel-style discussion talked about:

  • The true meaning and purpose of a community and how it can transform one’s brand
  • What pillars to use in order to create a platform that is sustainable and cost-effective
  • What the future of communities looks like
  • How to go beyond the transaction of work and create a culture of community and affinity with one’s independent talent

This fourth installment of the Future of Work series covered:

  • The top trends in the changing workforce landscape
  • How forward-thinking enterprise organizations can plan and be responsible for both now and the future
  • How to maximize crowdsourcing technologies to tap key problem-solvers
  • The issues and the culture of innovation in businesses
  • How organizations are bypassing the traditional labor sources successfully

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Maria Ogneva

Maria Ogneva

Title: Director of Online Customer Experience and Community
Company: FinancialForce

Financial Force
Emily Leach

Emily Leach

Title: Founder
Company: The Freelance Conference

Jake McKee

Jake McKee

Title: Founder
Company: Community5

community 5
Miles Everson

Miles Everson

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: 宝博电竞积分排榜 Partners

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