Stand Out from the Crowd_ Insights from Recruiters



The evolution in recruiting has only just begun. Online recruitment has become increasingly popular and highly competitive. In our November 17th webinar, “Stand Out From the Crowd: Insights from Expert Recruiters to Get Noticed for Projects,” 宝博电竞积分排榜’s Chief Talent Officer Amy O’Donnell and special guest Vincent Valle, Associate Director of Independent Contractor Recruiting at KPMG shared their insights on how to get inside the mind of recruiters and get noticed for job opportunities with some of the world’s top companies.

The Q&A style discussion covered: 

  • How expert recruiters search their networks 
  • Utilizing online tools to connect independent professionals to client projects
  • Essential tips to boost your resume and get noticed

This November 2020 installment sheds light on:

  • How to structure your resume and online profile to make you stand out from the crowd
  • What key phrases or words to place in a resume to catch a recruiter’s eye
  • Which tools today’s recruiters use to find top talent
  • The best “tricks” to boost your LinkedIn and 宝博电竞积分排榜 marketplace presence

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Amy O'Donnell

Amy O'Donnell

Title: Chief Talent Officer
Company: 宝博电竞积分排榜 Partners

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Vincent Valle

Vincent Valle

Title: Associate Director of Independent Contractor Recruiting
Company: KPMG