Create an Enterprise-Grade Direct Access Program for Independent Professionals



Organizations are starting to use their own resources to directly source top independent professionals. The demand for independent talent grows, which is why enterprises are by-passing third-party staffing agencies or consulting firms for recruiting purposes and developing talent engagement strategies. 

Direct sourcing has many economic benefits: the ability to avoid high-priced staffing markups, a decrease in overhead costs by hiring fewer full-time employees, and filling project-specific roles with the right-priced independent talent. 

In this exclusive webinar, Linda Mann, Chief Experience Officer at 宝博电竞积分排榜 Partners, and Eric Rumbaugh, Partner at Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, discussed keys to developing an enterprise-grade, compliant, and efficient engagement with independent talents. They discussed how important it is for a business to build a centralized engagement program that encompasses finding, sourcing, engaging, paying, and managing independent workers.

This Q&A-style discussion covered:

  • The effective uses of independent talents
  • The keys to success when using independent talents
  • How matching talent to open needs in a company is more an art than a science
  • Regulatory considerations when using independent talents

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Linda Mann

Linda Mann

Title: Chief Experience Officer
Company: 宝博电竞积分排榜 Partners

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Eric Rumbaugh

Eric Rumbaugh

Title: Partner
Company: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

Michael Best