Providing the Best Independent Contractors for Shifting Workforce Needs

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Providing the Best Independent Contractors for Shifting Workforce Needs

Companies in specialty industries such as energy, utilities, retail, food service, etc. are facing unprecedented challenges, as they strive to stay competitive in what is becoming an increasingly digital market. From new technology experts to data analysts, production designers and strategists - we help seamlessly integrate skilled independents into your ecosystem so you can meet your business goals.

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Enabling independent contractors and enterprises to work together in industries such as consumer goods, manufacturing, energy, retail and more...


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American Multinational Consumer Electronics Retailer Finds a Way to Keep Independent Talent Working Independently

An American multinational consumer electronics retailer was looking to save costs by transitioning their independent workforce to a payroll program. They decided to transition their service provider from 宝博电竞积分排榜 to a larger staffing firm that was equipped to handle payroll services exclusively.


Fortune 500 Retail Company Reinvents their Contingent Labor Compliance Program

A Fortune 500 retail company based in the Midwest was struggling with contingent labor compliance. They were beginning to see heightened awareness around worker misclassification at a federal level and realized that state and local governments were missing out on potential revenue due to misclassified workers.


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宝博电竞积分排榜 knows what drives the independent workforce, and how best to engage them for the growth and success of your organization.

Direct Sourcing to Access Top Talent in the Future of Work

Leaders from KPMG and MUFG share actionable methods and strategies for succeeding in direct sourcing.

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The workforce consists of a variety of workers including full-time employees, temporary workers who may fill seasonal or short-term needs, and contingent workers such as freelancers, independent contractors, or consultants.

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We're having to work in such agile and much more speedy ways than we ever had before. So agility is really becoming a thing that I don't think will change. We'll keep this agility as we move forward, because really, again, the investments we made in terms of agile ways of working and training are beginning to come to fruition for us.

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